140 1T2Obv$1 Type 2 (1854-1856)


Designer: James B. Longacre
Diameter: 15 mm
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 1.672 grams
Fineness: .900
Net gold weight: .0483 fine oz.
140 1T2RevMints: Charlotte, Dahlonega, New Orleans, Philadelphia

In an attempt to address the difficulties in handling the smaller Type I gold dollar, the diameter of the Type II was increased by 2 millimeters. The design elements were changed to an Indian Head obverse and a larger and more elaborate wreath on the reverse. This design proved difficult to strike with the result that Type II gold dollars often show areas of weakness. In just 3 years more than 1.5 million coins were issued, although well struck high grade coins are scarce.


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