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Gold May be Poised to Move Higher

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At the current price of $1283 per ounce, year to date gold has increased approximately 20% in US Dollars. It appears more and more likely that gold bottomed at the end of 2015 and may now be poised to move higher. Volatility in equity markets continues, contributing to unease among holders of stocks, and bond yields in much of the world are extraordinarily low. Despite years of economic stimulus and zero or near zero interest rate policies, worldwide economic growth continues to be relativley slow and inconsistent. On June 23, citizens of the United Kingdom will vote to remain or exit the European Union, a potential event which is increasing uncertainly in equity, currency and commodities markets. The U.S. Presidential election process grinds on, with current leaders in Washington gridlocked and unwiiling to take action on significant issues facing the United States and the world until after the next President is elected in November. It's no wonder that there is strong demand for physical gold, gold miners and gold ETF's. Reportedly several high profile investors and fund managers have recently increased their gold holdings, another positve sign for future price increases. It may be time for others to follow their lead. One of the best and most efficient ways for individuals to own gold is in the form of gold coins.

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Mitchell Battino

A professional numismatist with over thirty years of experience, Mitchell A. Battino is a certified appraiser and numismatic consultant who specializes in buying, selling, and appraising U.S. and world gold and silver coins. Mr. Battino is a regular contributor to numismatic publications, attends major coins shows, and travels extensivley to purchase deals and collections.

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